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~~~ SOUL FURY ~~~ "This is how the heart sounds, Do not change the melody, this now, you and I, here together. Let this being with each other be heart-sound." ~ Rumi & Tabriz COLLAB ~ All About :: The Art of Collage & Rhetorical Velocity I am specifically interested in situations where composers anticipate and strategize future third-party remixing of their compositions as part of a larger and complex rhetorical strategy that plays out across physical and digital spaces. We find this type of thinking—the asking of “how might the text be rewritten?” and “why, where, and for whom might this text be rewritten?”—an increasingly important set of questions in a digital age characterized, for instance, by swift, easy, and deep web searching and by copying and pasting practices. COLLAGE :: Artistic compositions of materials and objects pasted and/or sewn/woven over and through surfaces, often with unifying and/or juxtaposing structures, lines, colors, themes in order to create textured, alive, amplified spaces. SYNTHESIS (AKA Mashup): Creating Compelling Texts comprised of borrowed, reconstituted, and original material. The art of creating such compositions. An assemblage of diverse elements. To paste and/or sew/weave (diverse materials) over a surface, thereby creating an artistic product. To create such an artistic product. Base Camp for Arctic Windhorse: Eagle River, Alaska

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