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Ruse Records was setup to help promote new artists, give another warm home for players already in tha game to allow a release for their brains retarded output and ultimately to help the music listening massive to enjoy life, expand their minds and promote parties around tha world. Our labels music has been supported by some of the scenes leading artists including Calyx, Teebee, Break, Concord Dawn, State of Mind, Cern, The Upbeats, Jade, Axiom, C4C, Artificial Intelligence, Lynx, Apex, Cooh, Insideinfo, Sleepercell, DJ Hidden, Gremlinz, Tempered D, Markoman, Propaganda, Kalashnikov, Submerged, Black Sun Empire, Brooklyn, Nymfo, Dose and many more. Ruse have also been promoting events showcasing the Labels music and featuring known and up and coming artists such as Calyx, Friction, Teebee, Break, Loxy, Concord Dawn, Black Sun Empire, State Of Mind, Klute, Jade, Artificial Intelligence, Lnyx, Sabre, Insideinfo, Apex (Rob Unknown Error), Masheen, Khanage and more. Progression is the key… give us your take. The Universe does not exist.

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