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Simon was born in 1971 in an Italian town called Novara, located between Turin and Milan. From an early age, the passion for music is felt strong. At the age of 5 years his parents give the first keyboard / synthesizer toy. Since that time they will find out that Simon listens and plays any tune. They decide to send him to a piano school. Thanks to the passion for the music of his parents, Simon has fun with vinyls and Dad's record player. At the age of 15 years Simon has a small keyboard with integrated sampler (200 milliseconds memory) and a small 3-channel mixer, and begin to create the first tracks using vinyl, synthesizer and sampler together and recording it on tape. In 1988 he goes crazy for house music and began to perform at local clubs with vinyls, samplers, synthesizers and multi-effects units. In the early 90s, along with 2 other friends, he founded the "Rolling Tune Recordings" and begins to work with great artists such as Kerri Chandler, The Murk, Johnny Vicious and others. To date Simon is still active both as a producer and as a DJ, and continues to make people dance with productions and remixes. In 2016 Universal Music Group has officially released his remix of Floetry, "Say Yes"

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