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Description Some things happen because they want to happen. Others just happen. The Splippleman was so... it started and it did so because... because we wanted to... Lincoln Fabricio (vocals, acoustic guitar) Fábio Serpe @fabioserpe (electric & acoustic guitar, backing vocals) Ricardo Bastos (bass) Emanuel Moon (drums) Sérgio Justen @s-rgio-justen (piano, keyboards) The origin of the name SPLIPPLEMAN A band’s name history always needs to have multiple versions. They are: 1. He who splipples. Verb missing from English – to splipple: making something of good quality to impact good quality people. Word disciplinary problems, more than direct. 2. He who comes from Splippleland (virtual space of the real dreamers). 3. From play fights of the boys Brunão and Ra with his father: spli POW! – Gotcha! "Algumas coisas acontecem porque queremos que aconteçam. Outras, simplesmente acontecem. A Splippleman foi assim... surgiu porque surgiu e... porque queríamos que surgisse."

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