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Back in 6th grade, My teacher took our class to the computer lab to show us how to make music in Garageband. I fell in love with producing right then, even though it wasn't anywhere near dubstep. I would go in after school to make more music and mess around with the software. Then in 10th grade I remembered about GarageBand and went searching for it, but had no luck cause I don't own a Mac. But after some more hard searching I had found the PC equivalent called Mixcraft. I made a few DnB like tracks with the pre-made samples and loops they provided. I then stopped for a couple years. Then I found dubstep, and was so amazed at it. The robotic bass, the heavy percussion, and the overall sound. After a year of listening to it, I wanted to take my love to the next level and produce. So I got back into Mixcraft and got to work. Now Im currently using Ableton. -Subsidize

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