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Techlanddigital Records is a new forthcoming label formed by Doxa As the name suggests, we are interested in high quality tech house, tribal, techno, hardgroove from all over the globe. So before submitting a demo, please make sure it falls into one of the above categories as minimal, d n b, or anything outside wont be listened to. please use the dropbox to submit your demo's...we can also be contacted on but please dont send demo's to that address, thanks. We want TLD Records to be a Successful and Quality Based Label, with Established Names and New Producers bringing there music to the front, and as a rule we @ TLD Records will not dictate who you choose to do remixes of your work, its your work so its up to long as the styles remain within the remit above (and ofcourse they are bangin trax) it shouldn't be a problem. We Look Forward to hearing from you soon....Domeniko DoXa Misulic

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