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The Classic Mix CD Series: Mix cds were the soundtracks of our nights, our days, our afterparties, our lives. But in the internet age, the artform has been lost to online mixes which simply don't create the same magic your CD collection did. The Classic Mix CD Series celebrates these discs, their soundtrack, their box art and your memories. We hope you enjoy it. --- Also, we try to help you find and buy them again by sharing Discogs links on all featured CDs and or direct links to labels where possible. * We fully support labels and artists. If any disc creates a copyrighting issue let me know and it will be immediately removed. --- GarethisOnit / Mode 7: Digital creative type, gamer, music lover and occasional DJ. Currently living in Dubai after setting sail from Sunderland in 2010. As a young designer, club and music culture was the driving force for his work, producing artwork for local club nights and record labels in the North East of England. In particular, DJ mix cds and their packaging were always his 'holy grail of design', especially those from Renaissance, Global Underground and Good Looking Records. It's a pleasure to share these discs back with people and they still influence our tastes to this day. For any CD recommendations, bookings, mixes or feedback you can catch me as @GarethisOnit on Gmail, Twitter, Instagram & Facebook. Thank you

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