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Hailing from Long Branch, New Jersey "The Dark Notice" has a very soft spot for hip hop and R&B music which resignates thru his music quite well. The "Slackin" rapper has been continuously moved from one city to the next the last 24yrs of his life, but always remains loyal to his hometown Long Branch where he was born. The rapper found an interest in music after realizing his last few years of high school was coming up and had no idea what to do for a career. The rap star was a huge video gamer from his childhood until the age of 16. At the age he had landed his first job at a Mcdonald's and continuously got frustrated with his life. He realized he had no time to study, watch tv series, barely any time to eat or have a social life. Trying to balance 8 classes within his schedule it became frustrating on what he needed to do next with his life. He was talking to a girl at the time and seemed to have more interest in her more than anything else and working. With his grades being average and math just above failing and time closing in, he set up his ipod nano his friend had gave him as a gift and hooked it up to the doc he had just bought. He would freestyle while he turn on the recorder from his phone and rap to some instrumentals. That same year he moved and got fired and attended a new school with some of his coworkers being his "new" classmates. The new friends he made within the school he showcased his freestyles to some of them and most of them approved. It wasn't until a well known named singer "Khalil Underwood" had got the word around the school he could rap and asked to spit something for him. Feeling a little bit intimidated he spit something kind of small and the singer felt it had potential and needed work. The inspiration came at the most high then because the unknown rap star soon tried to figure out how to record at home. In the year 2011 he had attended college and got financial aid money which gave him the opportunity to purchase his first labtop to get started on making music. The rapper had potential still but wasn't being heard until 2013-present time. The rapper started to put autotune into his raps to capture ears and for his personal enjoyment as well. This made the rapper start doing more R&B over time and also gave him recognition, he's been thru A&R's, Talent Agencies, and even a few industry producers and gave him great reviews and offered to work with this artist as well. Due to financial situations of still living home this artist has yet to get catapulted into the set of ears to land a deal. Over the last two years he's been offered publishing deals and placements but this artist is to the point of staying independent. His musical influences are Drake, Kendrick Lamar, The Weeknd, Chris Brown, PartyNextDoor, Michael Jackson, P Reign.

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