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Bringing you the very best from all Trance genres including but not limited to: Trance Tech-trance, uplifting, Psy, hard, pure, you name it. From all corners of the world from underground to mainstream to popular and unknown artists and labels. And don't worry, I do not post the big room mainstream "trance". only the real stuff ;) Black Hole Recordings has made a 24/7 Youtube live stream playing all the tracks from all its sublabels. its worth a listen and plays a lot of the tracks i repost. The link is and the name of the stream is called Trancefamily 24/7 Radio. Reposts on a daily basis sometimes multiple times a day. Will not spam your feed with tons of reposts. Only the very best make it to the repost list. You are welcome to see y follow list and follow the many artists and labels I follow Thanks for following, and be sure to share my page to spread the love. I am a Trance Addict

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