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Hailing from The Biggest Little City in the World, Fer Lopez also known as DJ TREXX has been rocking dance floors since 2011. TREXX has been a disc jokey since August of 2009 and has been active mixing in your local clubs and bars since 2011. TREXX has a unique style of music and plays songs from around the world trying to dip into different styles of house music as well as Hip-Hop and Top 40. Born into a Latin family and being influenced by music at a very young age he set out to find his instrument not having much success with the alto sax and guitar. After being introduce to the Underground house music scene in the early 2000's. He felt you could really express yourself and share the moment with others. You may have enjoyed his style of mixing in such night clubs and bars like: - Studio on 4th - Tonic Lounge - Scampi Lounge - Scurti's Bar/Club - Candy Couture Fashion Show - Reno's (birthday) Little 5K Run(2) - Sapphire Lounge @ Harrah's Casino - The Stage Night Club @ The Zone - The Outdoor Plaza @ Harrah's Reno Check out his style of mixing at your local venues in The Biggest Little City in the world!!

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