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UM Records was launched in September 2011 by untitledmusic founder Richie Hartness with more than two decades of promoting, writing, playing and introducing new music to his name. The labels aim has always been to provide a springboard to new producers, often teaming them up with more established names on releases. UM has been a rich source of up and coming names, many of whom have gone on to big name labels following their time being promoted by UM and all have benefitted from advice and guidance on how to progress from unknown producer to being an in demand name and much sought after producer for other labels around the world. Across digital and vinyl platforms UM’s sound is ever evolving, always emotive, often challenging the ‘expected sound’ and a name you can trust to bring you the very best of deep house. The artists roster reads like a “who’s who of deep house” with Marvin Zeyss, Dilby, Tim Andresen, Deep Spelle, Deep Active Sound, Rishi K., BiG AL, Phasen, Yigit Atilla, Evren Ulusoy, Edmund, Karol XVII & MB Valence, Blakkat, Atnarko and Giom being just some of the names we’ve had the pleasure of working with. UM’s approach to business is a hallmark of its stature too – and its success in returning royalties to its artists goes to prove that underground music can be financially successful (even if that’s only a moderate one). From contract dealings to mastering approvals, from promotion to online presence, licensing and those all important royalty statements, so often never seen by artists, UM prides itself on being commercially minded and innovative underground label for a modern music industry.

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