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I originally lived in Paget, Bermuda, but now I live in the states. I'm a DJ/Music Producer. I’m more into hard, Head-knocking genres, like Dubstep and EDM-Style Trap & Hybrid, but because I don’t have a lot of knowledge on how to construct songs of my own from those particular genres, I just experiment with loops and sounds. Usually, it’s Chillout, LoFi, instrumental trap, and mashups. For my future, I plan on becoming a popular electronic dance artist. Currently, my eyes are set on Monstercat, and I hope to fulfill that dream. If you want my advice on how to get more followers, I feel that it might be best to just stop self-promoting your content in popular songs, or by invading people's DM's, and acting all attention-seeking. It's just gonna drive people further away from you. Just keep it calm and collected, and wait for people to find you, or just follow others to share your appreciation, so they can do the same. F**k the Pop Scene, Country Music, Bots, fake-ass music promoters, scam artists, self-promoters, Wasp Records, Ramen Records, and Scoop Records bots. Oh, and people who leech off of dead artists/celebrities and their works deserved to be nailed to a cross and burned with kerosene. The Chill Café —> Spotify If any of you like Dank memes, visit this App. It’s pretty great. Better than iFunny in fact. \/ Follow Me On Dopameme @Tsunamix_Picto’s_Dj YouTube If any of you are interested in doing business, or just chatting with me, visit my Discord. I'm not always on my server, so seeing me might be a bit difficult. \/\/\/\/ Discord:

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