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V!NH is first project of Valerio Innorta. Valerio is a young producer and DJ of Rome, class '91. Since small Valerio was in contact with the vinyl, amplifers, synthesizers and speakers thanks to his brother who played in the early 90s, the time of "something of your mind" of "techno pioneer" Speedy J At age 14 he had his first encounter with the world of music: he studied guitar, which I began to appreciate the "power" of the music. later, he having been to some festivals, both in Italy and abroad, he realized that the guitar wasn't the instrument he wanted to continue playing. he was attracted by the figure of the DJ, who with his choice of music could excite a thousand of people, and it was just what he wanted to do: Excite. so he decided to buy his first console focusing immediately on techno; "Music, that without words, it leaves an imprint inside." Meanwhile, he also begins to study ableton. after a year of training of mixing come the first targets In 2014, he can play consistently in different places including the PLANET ROME (EX ALPHEUS) playing at the opening party with artists like Truncate, Pfiter and Black Asteroid, the ANIMAL SOCIAL CLUB - MAGAZZINO33 - CLUB999 (Prato) after the official event OPERA MUSICAL FESTIVAL in B2B with Genny Effe. Also in 2014 he releases his first EP ever "Come Back" on the DMR digital,still present in the top 10 ranking dmr digital. He has also released on TECHNODROME, NOCODE REC, OXYTECH RECORDS, TECHNO FACTORY, TEKSESSION and more One of his track remixed by C-System out on Techno Factory is selected by Marika Rossa

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