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"Ever since I heard the extended version of Madonna's 'Ray of Light' on satellite radio while driving to the clinic to have some stitches taken out after what should have been a routine foot corn removal operation, I've known that I want to make Techno Music." Thus spake VLK. VLK got into Techno Music before it became popular, in 2009, buying some second hand loop packs and sample libraries on, back when they went for cheap. His music is a stunning combination of passion and exhilaration. It's basically in it's own music genre, and VLK hates genres, but if your conformo-mind needs to put it in a box, think Hyundai commercial plus free Jaegermeister. His live sets consist of a Dell laptop and two dj mixers, one of which has a modified crossfader which is over 40 cm from one end to the other. This allows for significantly longer crossfades than your garden variety techno dj/songwriter. And if audience interaction is your thing, check this out: VLK is known to launch individual sample-size bottles of hair gel into his audience using a modified Ikea ironing-board/catapult and, as you might expect, madness ensues. So, what's in the future for VLK? Well, he's big time breaking into the fashion industry having launched a range of sexy-but-stylish temporary tattoos and is currently designing a line of affordable men's yoga pants.

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