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WEST LONDON" is an american RnB/HipHop group formed on September 23rd 2014 by vocalist Sam London and lyricist Walter West. Walter & Sam first met in the early 2000's at John Adams High School in their hometown South Bend, Indiana. When they finally had the opportunity to work in the studio together, the two easily identified their passion for music & legendary potential. Since then, they have teamed up to entertain various music enthusiasts & accumulated quite the impressive fan base. After achieving national recognition with the release of their single "Speaking My Language" in 2014, followed by their debut RnB/HipHop mixtape release in the same year, "The Genius & The Gentleman" the two have gained MAJOR recognition from a plethora of well renowned artist in the industry. Since the release of their latest project, both have been working diligently side by side to supply their fans with the ambient/creative/witty sound they've been asking for. The last release to date was the remix to Sam London's epic soul ballad titled "16 Bars". The two have been quietly working on their next mixtape release along side of their individual projects and ghostwriting for various artists from major labels. The highly anticipated "West London EP" is expected to drop late 2014/early 2015.

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