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I like to collaborate with musicians - if you have a track you would like me to try to write words and sing (or sing a demo), send me a note! All styles! "The songs I write aren't about me. Except for the parts that are." - Wild Christopher Quick link my full playlist: I picture myself in a field of Wild Christopher. Music Publishers - I have songs for your singers and bands. Contact me if interested. Proud user of DistroKid. First year highlights: - Wrote two songs for the fantastic up-and-coming international star Nika Nova. - Formed the band 'Atlantic Riff' with Rob Mason. - Nika Nova and Atlantic Riff songs published on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and other outlets. - Wrote and sang over 50 original songs. Please also check out SOUL AFFINITY on the usual retail outlets. I get a thrill out of being a lyricist. Please send me a private note with a mp3 or wav of your original songs that you would like me to write lyrics or if you hear something you like and would like to sing it, and we can discuss. Cheers, Chris Questionable Enterprises LLC I use (abuse?) Studio One. I expect PreSonus to contact me any day now and pay me not to reveal this.... :) Photo by: All material created by Chris or "Wild Christopher" is created for and owned by Questionable Enterprises LLC

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