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*~-No tricks, no gimmicks, just good vibes.-~* (*Download to get lossless quality; Soundcloud auto-compresses audio to 128kbps when streaming.*) *Contact me via e-mail at:* Find me elsewhere on the net using the links below. A brief chronology of my musical ventures: I have been playing the piano since 2005, experimenting with original compositions since 2011, making chiptunes since 2012, and using Ableton for EDM since December of 2012. I am currently 21 years old. I use Ableton Live 9 for my usual electronic dance tracks, and FamiTracker for chiptunes. Presently, I am only using Ableton, but I might be willing to take special chiptune cover requests. I make every effort to build all of my songs from scratch. Message me any questions you might have. If you wish to use any of my original songs for personal and/or commercial purposes, contact me via private message or e-mail. Cheers! ~T-Bit

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