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YAMOY ==>> OLD SCHOOL RAVE DJ & NEW SCHOOL PRODUCER ==>> ==>> ELECTRO, DUBSTEP, MINIMAL MENTAL, BREAKBEAT, STEPTEK, STRIP CLASH, BANGER TRASH, &... ALL MASSIVE RAVE SOUNDZ !!! --->> CONNECTED TO THE UNDERGROUND ... TO PUMP UP THE DANCEFLOOR ..!!! --->> RAVE ON ..!! 1997 ..: FIRST UNDERGROUND RAVE PARTY ... AND THAT CHANGED ALL MY LIFE ..!! ; 1998 . : Started Live set on the famous Roland MC 303, the MC 505 and some Korg drums Machines. And Directly, I went trough in a heavy Underground tekno Style....!!! I started to mixing vinyls as well in the same time .. and... We created The **PROPULS AKT** Crew with My Friend **Fedji** to have the opportunity to enlarge our possibilities to play in different party in the BZH area ..! Very quickly under the "Free Party Mythical influences of the time" ... Immediately hooked by the DJ performances.., My style was born of hours spent watching the hands of these DJ's on mixers and other old machines ... In the same time .. we bought a small sound system ... witch give us the real chance to organize few nice party ..!! 2001///2007 : Meeting with the familly of "M2R Sound System", which rocked the North/East borders from 2000 to 2006 . I had Lot of opportunity to play My Mix On a Fat Sound Systems during lot amazing Party !.. Playing different style like Drum n Bass, Massive Techno, Hard TEkno, Hardcore and all massive rave sounds..!! But always keeping it mental and cerebral ..! 2002 : ""FIRST OFFICIAL MIXTAPE OUT"" SIGNED ON --> ***TNL RECORDS***UNDER My **YAMOY** Surname..! 2003///2010 : Years pass ... sounds evolve ... But faithful to the underground Music .... and this ...whatever the style ..! I played my sounds in lot of Underground Rave Party, But also in few Bars, Pubs, & Clubs ! 2010 : I started to producing my own music on Ableton Live ! & Now, my style is inspired from the Minimal Techno and the Hard House .but evolve quickly with some Sharpen Influences of Reggae HipHop finally breaking in a strong DUBSTEP.! I Make some fresh Sounds but Still in the old school vibes 2011 /// 2012 /// 2013 : Finally .. My first tracks are released for the Digital distribution On line ... & I had the opportunity to signed on few Labels around the world ..!! ---**FREAKS LIKE US**(DE) ---**MORBIT RECORDS**(US) ---**THE ROYAL BROTHERS PRODUCTION**(US) ---**STEREOFLY RECORDS**(FR) ---**LE BIEN ET LE MAL RECORDING**(FR) ---**ERRANCE RECORDS**(BE) ---**FRESH POULP RECORD**(FR) ---**HEAVY BASSWEIGHT RECORDING**(NZ) ---**MAREE BASS PRODUCTION**(FR) ---**YEAH MAN RECORD**(UK) ---**TAILWHIP RECORDS**(BE) HERE WE ARE ..!! I ' LL KEEP RAVING THE WORLD ....!! For Sure ..!! AND YOU ? P.E.A.C.E...!! &.... R.A.V.E...O.N...!! --YY-- ▂ ▃ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ █ d(-_-)b █ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▃ ▂

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