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Thanks for stopping by. I'm currently located in Bulverde, Texas. I live by the quote,"Don't quit. And never give up trying to build the world you can see. Even if other's can't see it." For me, music is all about the creative expression. Not one particular sound in general. The piano has been consuming most of my time. I've been improvising on songs I have written and anything that strikes my ear as interesting. I am currently working on recording a finished piano album. That I would like to have done in the next couple of months. Within writing and recording, I also spend a lot of time studying different styles of music to bring in new ideas to my writing process. It's been a journey for me. Sometimes losing sight of my main goal, which is to be inspired from other's creative works and ideas. And of course, pursuing music as a full time career. Whether I am teaching,creating, or playing. Thanks for reading. And I hope this can possibly inspire other's to want to do the same. "Never give up." - Zack

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