02 - Weakness.

02 - Weakness

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Original Fools is proud to finally unveil the unique music and stories they’ve brought back from their travels through universal space-time continuum. Serving a one-of-a-kind blend of hip-hop, reggae and science-fiction, this genuine Spice Opera experience is bound to make you travel to unknown part of your mind. It comes as a double release. One free album, “Tracks, Promos and Other Difficulties” which is available to all as a free digital version and packs 11 tracks recounting difficult times and made to give you a taste of the Original Fools universe. And if you’re left longing for more, there is a paid album, “Ghosts, Robots and Other Delicacies” which is also available to all and provides you with another 11 tracks of selected adventures which will take you deeper throughout the layers of reality. Original Fools is an improbable duo formed by Russian beat maker/sound wizard Damscray and Tahiti’s wordsmith/storyteller Didjelirium. The association of those two who never met in real life brings into reality a new kind of music, both ancestral and futuristic. Available worldwide through your favorite musical provider (iTunes, Spotify, etc…)

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