120 Bpm Don't Mix Business With Pleasure #320kBps.

120 Bpm Don't Mix Business With Pleasure #320kBps

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Back around 2002 this track was made, together with a friend, called Virgin Monkey as an artist. >> FIND HIM HERE! >> ALSO HERE!! You've got plenty to listen and like there I think.. The track was also inspirated on the "JazzaNova sound," which was played around a lot. Also as I remeber the first Glitch effects were discovered / introduced in our music. It's a housy / techno like sound, which glides in- and out, changing the sound along the way. The sound we mainly used was the "Kotoish." Forgot which synth produced this.. a Pro53 of FM7 I think.. Enjoy and have pleasure I hope... but remeber not to mix it (with your work)!

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