(2019) (Electro) Perspectus.

(2019) (Electro) Perspectus

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    Freddie Frank - 2020/02/28 08:13:02

    Beautiful string work, the melody is super reminiscent of something I cannot put my finger on.

  • pikabob photo avatar
    Freddie Frank - 2020/02/28 08:09:28

    Melancholy vocal texture. Super evocative.



Been working on this project for about 3 weeks. I really like how this one turned out even features my own vocals! Feel free to use in youtube videos or other video projects both commercial and non commercial. I just ask that a credit and link to my music if used as its only fair! Direct Download is available (Note: Audio is in Surround sound WAV) If you like what you hear you know what to do! please drop a comment, repost and a like it really helps! Enjoy!

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