A Chapter A Day IN DUB.

A Chapter A Day IN DUB

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    RAFA ORTEGA - 2012/10/06 12:23:33


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    Didjelirium - 2012/03/14 20:02:05

    @earl-chinna-smith: Thank you sir. I dunno if it's really you and your account or someone else who's taking care of representing the irie Earl Chinna Smith on Soundcloud... but hell i don't care ! You sir are a model, i heard your voice and watch you play your guitar so many times and each time i'm amazed again. These dub version were a humble attempt to praise your words and sounds once more, with some bass lines of course, cos bass is life. It might be a fake or a scam, but once more, i don't care. I feel honored right now to think that Earl Chinna Smith might have listened to my interpretation of his sounds. One love, one heart, one unity ! Bless !!!

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    Didjelirium - 2012/03/14 19:59:03

    @sunsofdub: Seriously ?!?!?!? Bro, i'd burn the few money i have right now to be inna di yard as well with you right now ! I did these remixes a while ago, but still playing dem tracks regularly cos there's so much soul in there i can never get tired of it and it can never be too much... Been trying to contact Earl for a while, not for fame, not for glory or money or any interest... Simply cos he's an amazing artist and i praise all the talented people of this world whenever i have the chance to meet them ! Nuff thanks and praises, your messaged enlightened my day/night ! Trust me now, me gonna try to contact Earl again for sure ! Bless !!! :)

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    High Times Label (JA) - 2012/03/14 18:07:03


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    Suns of Dub - 2012/03/14 17:44:37 NEW TRACK

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    Suns of Dub - 2012/03/14 17:44:12

    will have him here this... i'm inna de yard now

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    Didjelirium - 2012/01/24 10:14:48

    @djibanreus: Thanks, though the best thing about these tracks are the original work from Earl Chinna Smith and his bredren down there in their charming jamaican yard. If you got a chance, check the original album. Pure guitar and straight vocals, ruff and ruff ! ;)

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    Didjelirium - 2012/01/20 09:08:46

    @zonkstep: Hey hey ! Dubby dubby vibe, always keeping i&i irie ! Feel free to dl and play it loud wherever you might be ! ;0

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    Zonkk ★ - 2012/01/18 03:41:20

    omg i love this!!!!!!

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    shreddatatz - 2011/12/08 07:30:53


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    Didjelirium - 2011/12/02 21:21:05

    @oussama-kwarizma: hey hey ! Thanks for taking the time to listen ! Happy dub moments ! ;)

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    Ǿùssàmẵ PǾn-pǾn Sẵùvgé - 2011/12/02 19:26:59

    @oussama-kwarizma: waawww <3 i like it <3

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    Ǿùssàmẵ PǾn-pǾn Sẵùvgé - 2011/12/02 19:26:22

    Type your reply here for

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    Didjelirium - 2011/08/29 02:30:08

    @antoine-dorize: Huh, non... C'est Earl Chinna Smith, de l'album Inna Di Yard, et j'ai fait le beat parce que l'original n'a que voix et guitare. C'est un album acoustique. Par contre, je suis un bon fan d'Ez3kiel pour sur, alors je prends qd meme ca pour un compliment ! ;)

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    DU3normal - 2011/06/27 07:43:28

    great work!

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    Lirax ( 50 mg ) - 2011/05/14 12:57:34

    great job!

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    Didjelirium - 2011/03/21 16:50:43

    @xiaokee: ha ha ha !!! Dub isnt hard to make...just mainly a good vibe. You have some good dubby elements on your page, should try more and more ! Sound good already ! ;)

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    Didjelirium - 2011/03/21 16:46:56

    @diggy-mac-dirt: Thanks a lot mate ! Glad you're liking the vibes ! ;)

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    Mouthless - 2011/03/13 16:11:39

    This is nice, really haunting dub :)

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    Krooked Drivers - 2011/03/13 10:01:55

    nice work!!! come check our new track distilled vibes feedback welcome!!!



Didjelirium dub remix of A Chapter A Day, which you can find on Earl Chinna Smith 'Inna de Yard' wicked live recording album with Ken Bob on the mic.

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