Ahmed Romel - Solitude [FSOE Recordings].

Ahmed Romel - Solitude [FSOE Recordings]

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    rushan - 2020/03/10 18:20:21


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    Nazmul Abhi - 2020/03/07 08:33:08


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    Michael Micky'd De Silva - 2019/12/14 09:16:41

    How is there only one comment for this incredible piece of work out together by the genius Ahmed Romel. This track blows my mind on how good it is. well done one an album full of master pieces your flying and killing it. love your work.

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    Morpho_Girl ƸӜƷ - 2019/08/17 07:44:46

    live love dream 🦋🦋🦋



"Answers and Peace can always be found in complete Solitude, but remember, you are not alone"

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