a migration of mechanical birds (intro).

a migration of mechanical birds (intro)

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    J!satsu - 2017/08/19 00:25:16

    WOW Why arent you more popular?!



available for purchase here: Before we begin the story, we must familiarize ourselves with the World in which it is placed. The year is 300X. Self-aware robots were not exactly invented; the World simply woke up one day (so to speak) and the robots were there. Living alongside the humans. Some humans didn't mind this change. In fact, they welcomed it. They embraced the robot phenomenon, and the World was ushered swiftly into a new era. However, there were many in the World who did not accept the robots. Some felt it unjust to have "mere piles of metal" as their equals. Others didn't like the change and unfamiliarity the robots brought upon the World. Conflicts arose. Chaos ensued. Less than 100 years after the robots appeared on earth, the humans had segregated themselves completely away from the robots. Each of the species took up a different half of the World, on either side of an enormous volcano which was visible from nearly everywhere. Regretfully, even this didn't relieve the tension - it instead continued to grow. This is where out characters come in. For this story, we will simply call them the Local (a human) and the Vagrant (a robot). Before the separation of humans and robots, these two were the best of friends. They did everything together - but that quickly changed when the two species were divided. The Local and the Vagrant were forbidden to even contact each other.

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