AstroSteps - 孤独な.

AstroSteps - 孤独な

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    Arkane Skye - 2015/08/14 17:50:26


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    Exit 20 - 2015/03/01 10:02:20

    Oh dear that sidechain

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    A - 2015/02/20 12:48:58

    @ravencoar: thanks <3

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    A - 2014/12/22 18:28:50

    @auraeofficial: thanks ^_^

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    Aurae - 2014/12/22 14:58:14

    this is so well done!



If you like it, click the [Repost] ↻ button so more people hear it, it'll really help me out! ♪ 孤独な (Sabishi) = Lonely This last track reminds me of being melancholy, sad, and anger. but keeping those things inside won't help me and keeping it will make you go wrong and in the end you'll probably regret doing it. Having a elderly friends are good, they will probably show and counsel you good things. as well like my friends on twitter did, they corrected the wrong I did and changed myself to a better me :) thank you my cool twitter and internet friends! :D lyrics: Don't leave me Don't leave me Don't leave me Don't leave me Don't leave me I don't want to be lonely.... Thanks to: - Au5, Fractal, Volant, Prismatic, Synchronice, and Porter Robinson for making me inspired to make this thing more amazing :)

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