Atmoscapes 01 [Premium Drum & Bass].

Atmoscapes 01 [Premium Drum & Bass]

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    KRYPTONIX - 2015/05/31 04:24:38


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    LQD - 2015/05/12 09:42:31

    @darkaudiomusic: do you mean the mic issue? yeah, i'm afraid it cuts off a few times

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    heureka - 2015/04/29 23:24:16

    wow :D I like it! ;)



Introducing Atmoscapes Premium ‪#‎drumandbass‬ mixes where the musicality is in focus. Custom artworks, embedded cue points to jump in between tracks. I hope you will like it. Shouts to everybody for SHARING/REPOSTING and PLACING YOUR LIKES. Recorded live on @bassdrive TRACKLISTING: 1) Om Unit: The Road (Feat. Charlie Dark) 2) Ivy Lab: Gomeisa 3) Boston: For Grace 4) Albert Tempel, Freebird: No Place For Me 5) Ivy Lab: Twenty Questions 6) Cern: Those Left Behind feat. Hydro 7) Gamma: Zion 8) DLR: Human Error feat. Break 9) Alix Perez: Menacing Ways 10) Naibu: Rita 11) Co:lateral: Toe Tagger 12) Rufige Kru: Is This Real? (Commix I'm Not Sure Mix) 13) War, Overlook & Mateba: Rift 14) Noisia & Pacific: On Your Mind 15) Break & Hydro: Immaculate 16) Boston: The Little Things 17) Logam, Equivalent: Star Dust 18) Break: Music Is Better 19) Stone, Gerra: Back Hand 20) The Voss: Skylark 21) Morph, Safire: Deep Architect Ft. Morph 22) State of Mind & Chris.SU: Chariots 23) State of Mind & Mindscape & Jade: Know Your Place 24) Hanzo, Inward, Randie: Manila Groove 25) Mediks: Does Not Compute 26) Matrix: Shelter 27) Locuzzed: Journey 28) Culture Shock: Vice Chase 29) Maduk Feat. Champion: Love Like This 30) Spor: As I Need You ft. Tasha Baxter 31) Artifact: Surveillance 32) Culture Shock: Troglodyte VIP 33) Logistics: Inside My Soul 34) Dayni: Pirates 35) Icicle: Problem (feat. Skittles) 36) Calibre, S.T. Files: Falling Down 37) Break: Strictly Entertainment 38) Ivy Lab: Forex For more podcasts, please visit

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