Guy J - Azimuth (TSP's J&D Mix).

Guy J - Azimuth (TSP's J&D Mix)

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    TSP (kuchesezik) - 2011/05/05 12:21:17

    @destel: yes, this is the reason to listen to the whole track but it would be too much if the whole track was like this. there needs to be a progression so the listener (especially dancing) can feel the music pass through their mind and body!

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    TSP (kuchesezik) - 2011/05/02 19:20:53

    for those interested visit the following page for a quick overall review of the competition:

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    TSP (kuchesezik) - 2011/04/30 08:56:13

    @calebgolston: thanks bro, i didn't do really good on it though, once again. i'm thinking those crazy electro sounds won't really fit their expectations and the part after 5:00, the main part, sounds too stacked up to me, a big ruckus, i didn't master it too well, and i coulda left out the 808 tom from there but it's all good. let's see what the future holds. u wana team up on a track sometime soon?

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    CalebGolston - 2011/04/29 17:11:00

    Can absolutely see Digweed banging this out on 'Transitions' or at a festival. Great work!



This is my entry to John Digweed & Guy J's Bedrock Remix competition for "Azimuth", a piece from Guy J's new album "1000 Words". The winner to be selected today (29.04.11) by Guy J and John Digweed. It might be too violent for the listener's years at times but in the end I think I reached a beautiful smooth mix between his and my styles. This was done in less than a day's work, like the last remix competition by John and Bedrock with Marco Bailey's "Boom Bang" (promotion of his "Dragon Man" album) but this time I was left with more time to plan the composition of the track. J&D Mix means I tried to make the track sound as close to Digweed and Guy J's styles. Here's a link to my review of this competition and some information and other links: Good luck to all competitors! Here is what the word azimuth means:

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