Banx & Ranx - Warrior (ft. Mikey Dangerous).

Banx & Ranx - Warrior (ft. Mikey Dangerous)

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Yo yo Mikey Dangerous - Banx & Ranx Yo Yo Intro: Di revolution will be televised Wake up out a yuh sleep seh di wise Don't be fool I & I seh be wise Righteous people nuh fit inna Babylon a nuh we size Chorus: Jah Protect we from all wicked and di evil dem Protect we from all cause Rasta love di people dem Jah Protect we from all All a di babylon dem (x2) Banx & Ranx - Mikey Dangerous a Warrior Verse: Never get weary inna di battle yeah we fighting Fe di evil gunna be eerie yeah a lightning ball a fire fe di war weh dem insighting Righteous people bun di wrong we do di right ting Dem seh dead but Banx & Ranx we seh "Live", king Mek di money nuttin' nuh funny yeah we striving Workin hard everyday yeah we toiling tell di warriors a road seh fe "file in" Verse 2: Fight everyday Evil a threaten fe we life everyday never rusty we sharpen we knife anyweh Slew wicked man cause a dat weh we seh

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