Blaq Dout- Vamos! (Original Mix) @BLAQ_DOUT.

Blaq Dout- Vamos! (Original Mix) @BLAQ_DOUT

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    IN CATHARSIS d-_-b - 2016/01/30 10:56:04

    SICK !!!

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    Human Music - 2016/01/30 10:10:52


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    Future Bass - 2016/01/30 10:08:42


  • pikabob photo avatar - 2015/07/14 08:08:22

    Dope track man. Caught my full attention right from the get go. Synth work is on fire. Overall I thought it sounded prety good. Still could use a bit of polishing here and there. But all in all I thought the energy that you;ve got running through here is on the right track and hits the listeners pretty hard. Can get anyone moving in no time. Keep it up! Cna't wait to hear more from you! Favorited! :D

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    TorRe - tandtbrothers - 2015/06/17 15:02:27

    Like… send your demos to

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    TheMastaPlan - 2015/06/17 13:55:05

    why the hell did house edm repost this - this is far from house music....

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    Tio Ema - 2015/06/17 03:34:18


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    xXसर्वराXx - 2015/06/17 00:21:42

    long live bass



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