Marco Bailey - Bom Bang! (TSP's B&D Mix).

Marco Bailey - Bom Bang! (TSP's B&D Mix)

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    TSP (kuchesezik) - 2011/03/06 13:46:58

    @charly-beck: yeah i didn't have too much time to work on mine. what do you mean, that as mintech is popular now, acid will become popular in some time?

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    TSP (kuchesezik) - 2011/03/06 12:55:06

    to those interested in my possible comment of their remix on this competition visit the following page for an overall review of the competition:

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    Charly Beck - 2011/02/24 05:04:22

    hey not bad. acid meets minimal grooves. but you call my remix "nothing new and even worse"? i agree. but give it half an year and the evolving deep-minimal sound will become the same after funny click-click and driving tech house became mainstream. give it one year and everbody will have acid elements in. thats my guess. but f*** that. today's mainstream is underground. ---- ok, your track, a bit too trancy for my ears at the end. but i like the way you are mixing different styles.

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    MARCIO_GROOVE - 2011/02/08 03:38:12

    wonderful track, love the groove mate! Check my remix and please post some comments... cheers!!!

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    CalebGolston - 2011/02/02 02:15:36

    @kuchesezik: I just wish the people entering would give a little more respect to the competition. To be honest, I would be ashamed to be unproffesional with the guy who has been the Number one DJ in the world, In the top 10 years and years beyond that, mixed 3 amazing Global Undergrounds, had loads of essential mixes, so and so forth.

  • pikabob photo avatar
    TSP (kuchesezik) - 2011/02/01 19:49:36

    @calebgolston: well things weren't really straightened out From the beginning. there weren't any rules, nothing on what the competition really is, what time exactly it closes, (because some people might want to work till the last second), how the winner will be announced, and so on and so on. i read just a few hours ago on a COMMENT from a moderator that the download option should be disabled. that shouldn't be of any matter though when half the stem files are named BOOM BANG and marco's track being named BOM BANG. it seems things were rushed a bit.

  • pikabob photo avatar
    CalebGolston - 2011/02/01 16:11:08

    @kuchesezik: I am glad you pointed out that it was rude to post unrelated stuff on the competition page.

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    TSP (kuchesezik) - 2011/02/01 14:16:27

    soo MARCO is it BOM bang or BOOM bang???????? i don't understand. there's bom and boom everywhere...

  • pikabob photo avatar
    TSP (kuchesezik) - 2011/02/01 14:00:26

    @calebgolston: haha i didn't know anyone was gonna read that. anyway there's about 100 new remixes since i last posted and i decided i don't have that much time since most are one and the same and going through them is tough. and to top it off half of these guys are reposting their songs 'on top of others' and you gotta check each one if you've already analyzed -_-

  • pikabob photo avatar
    CalebGolston - 2011/02/01 04:59:14

    Yeah banging stuff here. I love your analysis page of all the remix's btw! It cracked me up a lot.



this is my entry to the bedrock remix competition of bailey's track, the winner to be selected by bailey and john digweed. good luck to all competitors!

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