Bonzai Basik Beats #256 (Radioshow 30 July 2015 - Week 31 - mixed by Rick Pier O'Neil).

Bonzai Basik Beats #256 (Radioshow 30 July 2015 - Week 31 - mixed by Rick Pier O'Neil)

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We are delighted to welcome the wonderfully talented DJ and producer Rick Pier O'Neill to Bonzai Basik Beats this week. Rick is somewhat of a very much in demand artist, this is no surprise given his attention to quality and detail in any of the work he undertakes. He is the owner of two top quality labels, RPO and Garbage Records and has appeared on a raft of top labels including Bonzai Progressive, JOOF, Mistique Music and many more. Expect an epic ride into progressive as Rick tears it up with tracks and remixes from Michael, Levan, Stiven Rivic, Rise and Fall, Shocknorte, Elliot Duquai, No One, Alexis Centurion, Auditech, Desaturate, Marensijack, Butch Warns, Andy Notalez, David Kinnard and DJ Csemak as well as no less than 8 of Rick's own creations. 1º Michael And Levan & Stiven Rivic featuring Rick Pier O'Neil - Ouija (Rise And Fall Remix) 2 ºRick Pier O'Neil - Haiku (Original Mix) 3º Rick Pier O'Neil - Crystallized (Original Mix) 4º Rick Pier O'Neil - Absolute (Original Mix) 5º Rick Pier O'Neil - Cloud Lander (Original Mix) 6º Shocknorte - Dubberman (Original Mix) 7º Elliott Duquai & No One - Maschine (Original Mix) 8º Alexis Centurion - Dance Evrybody (Auditech Remix) 9º Rick Pier O'Neil & Desaturate - Polymers (Original Mix) 10º Marmensijack - Break (Original Mix) 11º Rick Pier O'Neil - Dark Movie (Part 1) 12º Butch Warns - At Rest On The Seabed (Andy Notalez Remix) 13º Rick Pier O'Neil - Chaotically (Original Mix) 14º David Kinnard - Nelese (Original Mix) 15º Dj Csemak-Wicked - Futura (Original Mix)

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