Christian Smith & Wehbba - Mutate (Original Mix) [Tronic].

Christian Smith & Wehbba - Mutate (Original Mix) [Tronic]

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What better way to mark the 20th anniversary of Tronic, his forward-thinking label, than creating a new artist album? Christian Smith stands out as one of the worlds leading exponents of inventive, diverse techno and Stranger Than Paradise continues his enthralling, ever-evolving musical journey with aplomb. The fact that Tronic is one of the Top 5 selling techno labels in the world is a mark of a man who stands for nothing less than pure quality.
Having previously released benchmark, critically acclaimed LPs Omakase (2013) and Directors Cut (2010) Christian Smith is no stranger to creating supreme, danceoor orientated albums, that explore and showcase his diverse musical style. Both as a DJ and producer, he is always innovative and bold, a leader not a follower.
Alongside the jaw-dropping excellence of the solo tracks, this new album also features dynamic, inventive collaborations with Wehbba (Christians great friend and regular collaborator), the New York based house music legend Cevin Fisher, long-time studio collaborator John Selway (of Smith & Selway fame), and Christians childhood friend and hip-hop artist Arcturus Ra.
The Stranger Than Paradise album project will be unveiled rst as four singles released at weekly intervals through the month of October, with the full album release following in the rst week of November on 12 vinyl and digital formats. An album remix pack will be released in December.

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