Comet Prod. Lenskrrt.

Comet Prod. Lenskrrt

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Lyrics below You so deaf to my style, now back back ‘fore green’s on yo head like Kyle. Ow. Young Space in the building, so necessary. And I be doing these bars just so dirty, Harry. I get to capping but I ain’t talking bout the lying type, iron sights, mouth flapping, let you see what this iron like Playing around with that ivory And that green looking so fibery And that whip getting so tiring. I got that ice you admiring (flash) Wearing the green like its Ireland (cash) Pull up with cannons start firing I hit the dash when I hear sirens Pull up and spaz with the iron. Hole to yo face like tobi She gas me up like she know me Stay in the dark like shinobi I make the shots like I’m Kobe Shots leave yo brain all exposin You make like cards cause you foldin Make it bounce back like it’s Spauldin Looks at the racks that I am molding Leaving yo body smelly and moldy. These are orders that I am receiving Leaving yo body up in the deep end Nobody know that you went missin Cultivate racks up on a mission Whipping up pots up in the kitchen Taking out rocks up in the sock Then cleaning the money like dishes It’s SA on the beat, I make competitors bleed She rewind it for me, you might be fed up as me, we loading berettas, all for the cheese, fly as a bee, get rid of the fleas, repping the G, I am so fleece, shawty was wet, that was for me, leaving him red, now he need bleach, left him on read, cause that’s how it be. Imma go ghost, like I am Danny. I got the toaster, and my hand steady. Don’t be a super, don’t be a hero. Up like a roaster, chasing the zeros. out on the street, brain on the next block, under my feet, box you like hopscotch, yo gon mother see. so many others flows, one with the sea. Just one with the K, I’m aiming it right at yo face, I’m busting right out the gate, comets they all on wrist, label me one with the space. Yung SA, strapped with the SK, strolling down broadway, let it fly broad day, do this all day.

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