EDM sample.

EDM sample

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    Fat B violin - 2014/04/29 08:51:21

    @simonlcarr8: Yes haha,its my funny product

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    Trần Hồng Quân 1 - 2014/04/18 16:00:01

    uaay lắc lư... lắc cmn lư a owiiii :)))

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    Giang Gee Stage - 2014/03/30 13:51:52


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    Giang Gee Stage - 2014/03/05 09:44:00

    :( dow đi a

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    Addiktion_Talent_Search - 2014/03/04 19:33:49

    Hey, I listened to your track and I really liked it. You should release your tracks through Addiktion Digital Records. They release your tracks to Beatport, iTunes, etc. for only $10! If you’re interested follow this link and make sure you put the name Pressy in the “Referred By” box. Cheers and keep producing! :)



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