FL029 - Dubstep Synths Sample Pack Demo.

FL029 - Dubstep Synths Sample Pack Demo

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"Freaky Loops" are proud to present a new collection of "Dubstep Synths" - essential library for every producer of dubstep, also suitable for drum-step, grime, hard-step and breakbeat.. In this collection you can expect to find over 474MB dubstep synth loops with all loops locked at 140BPM. Also include 65 drum loops and samples as a BONUS. All synth loops are key labelled for flexibility. This massive library is perfect for all styles of Dubstep music. 'Dubstep Synths' loads with 100 sleazy-ridden synth-based loops for track starting inspiration. Filth-dribbling stabs, sleaze-symphonics, screaming leads, assorted bleeps, atmospheric pads, melodic sequences, powerful synths, rhythmic chords... will make you miss anything for your next dubstep banger. Please Note: This is a Synth Loops only pack with some Bonus Drum Loops added. Other sounds used in the Demo are for illustration only.

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