From My Soul, To Ab-Soul.

From My Soul, To Ab-Soul

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SOUL BROTHER #1Pete Rock #2Hebert Stevens #3Jordan Lofton SouloHo3 Lyrics Verse I'm Mo Then A Man I Done Died An Rose Again Left You Hoes In My Hands So You Know Who I Am Fast Life Slow Motion These Days... Soul Brother Number 3 Herbert before you say anything Hear me out without a doubt This is no fool running at the mouth My name may be Bama but i'm not from the south I was brought up in smog When when i was a kid My grandma owned chickens an hogs An all i had was a stick in the yard Now i'm older got my word an my balls You have my word I'ma ball Like the way out without no bars or hard This is for any of y'all none will listen Like fools saying they winning but name's never mention Unless they snitching tryana a piece of the riches My homies you better pay attention An keep yah eyes on the vision Don't blink twice man i promise you miss it While cruising on that road Watch for them potholes an ditches Curves an the back alleys never nervous when i see Fedarallys back in the past we had passing's Went to Chatt an back on the road an above the map i stayed a block away from za hood Even stroll threw za hood Didn't stay for to long know that much about za hood Still all good never shuck or frale back Was rocking a snap stripes an plaid to match Taylor's on my feel Taylor in my genes My flow is natural like the Raw i'm smoking Gotta burn an eightieth for the 22 that leave me When i leave g i will be here as long as need be Smoking weed an promoting peace Provoking mind's to do untold things I mean isn't that of the soul I know i know that's all you talk about bro Let's look at it like this to love you i must love myself I'm as broke as my heart an as rich as my mind Guarantee within due time i'll be one of the greatest of greatest of all time 1:42 am is the time be a man by Soul is the tune Confused conflicted an rude is the mood Who is you Bama bitch mange shit Even tho my pockets looking like purgatory to me it's glory An i have the guts to say i have no problem being honest Man what has happen to man ill let you answer that I had to bring it up damn we have approached a dam As an Aquarius this is serious Mind is delirious delusional one day me Thomas an Larry Can kill a flow like cutting a woman's tubes Snap a picture of her boobs Post on the net there goes her nudes She's shocked an abused merely amused She was the start this much is true Naw i 'm not that dude I'm one of the best you ever knew This you'll never know By your actions an my reactions true emotions will never grow Especially not in this time took to long to push time Even tho we had some good times we did vibe I'll never have regret at anytime you might That thought had me up a couple nights But now it's in the past like the i just passed myself Trying to keep my mind myself Even tho half could go to someone else

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