Gil Aguilar - Wat it is - Answegg Records - preview.

Gil Aguilar - Wat it is - Answegg Records - preview

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We are very happy to have ready the first WMC13 Album Sampler!!! Answegg Records begins in 2012 as a label dedicated to discovering new talent & very good producers of international Underground House scene, all of them, with a great & wild style Funky Jackin! Until now with 9 releases, under this amazing House Music are big sounds which have been played and supported by great artists such as: Mark Farina, Dj Sneak, Tommy Largo, Hector Morales, Jamie D, Erik Bo, Robb Swinga, Manjane, Lurob, Kid Enigma, Giano, Camouflage, Jamie D, Anhanguerra, Ed Marco, Nate Laurence, Scrubfish, Chuck Daniels, J Paul Getto, Chemars, Wattie Green, Corduroy Mavericks, Wayne Brett, and many more. This time we have a super big selection for this sampler, with the best Jackin House grooves by Erik Bo, Evan D'Rougs, Gil Aguilar, Cev's, Filta freqz, Furmït, Grand Funk Device, John Acosta, Jose Zaragoza, Milty Evans and Wallas the most hottest tracks for the dancefloors around of Miami, during this season!!!" Check this out, Enjoy, and PLAY ANSWEGG RECORDS!!!!!! Much respect, and much love, .dje. Deejay Fnkydje - Owner/Dj/Producer - Answegg Records

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