Gregor Tresher - Midas.

Gregor Tresher - Midas

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It’s been over a year since Gregor Tresher's last solo release on his beloved Break New Soil. Granted we've been treated to his remix of Chymera and the excellent collaboration with Petar Dundov, but for a fresh new solo production we have to look back to his epic Nightcolors album.  Today Gregor returns home with two slamming new tracks, both of which are the result of hours of tweaking and testing whilst on the road this summer. Midas is built around a stripped back single-riff groove. Minimal elements and maximum effect show that Gregor still has that midas touch.  On the flip and easily living up to its name is Disturber. its snarling synth takes centre stage, intimidating and unsettling. But as the kick drum thumps and the intensity builds, Disturber suddenly returns to the dark shadows.   An excellent brace of the new tracks from Gregor and a release that also sees a fresh face for Break New Soil as the label presents the first in a new series of cover art by Frankfurt's Think Design. 

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