A Hymn To The Heavens.

A Hymn To The Heavens

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    Mirjam Keijnemans - 2020/02/26 19:45:46


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    Anomon - 2019/11/29 00:29:35

    @user-138663860: Ah...Thanks so much for Re-Listening. :) It was a real delight that Oddrun so Loved this improv and spent so much creative time and effort delivering such a perfect lyric Vocal for it. <3 Your continuing Support is deeply appreciated, my friend. :)

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    Anomon - 2019/11/29 00:26:25

    @couch-king-presents: I always love to hear that you're still Listening, my friend, :) Thanks so Much. We are definitely a Bridge of Appreciation across the Many and Varied Waters of 'Genres'! I Love it. After all... It's Really all about the MUSIC! :D Much Love, brother. <3

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    Anomon - 2019/11/29 00:22:35

    @markjbennett: Wow, Mark! &I just saw your appreciative comment, man. Thanks so much. And yes... when my simple Improvs work, i delight in finding new mellodius paths to explore. Thanks for noting that! :) It's what keeps me composing. :)

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    SUNNIDAYZ - 2019/11/23 05:24:15

    beautiful~ delightful~

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    markjbennett - 2019/11/21 16:29:11

    I had to listen to this after hearing Oddrun's vocal version. There is something highly original and inventive about your composition that excites me. Such fresh and unpredictable music. Bravo Gary

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    Couch King Presents - 2019/11/15 14:31:39

    gorgeous sensitive piano work! really nice music!

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    Anomon - 2019/09/16 02:12:49

    @oddrun-eikli: Beautiful. So glad you're re-listening and absorbing the Feel, Oddrun! I take it that you have Downloaded it. I can also send you the .Wav file via 'WeTransfer' if you like. Send me your email via private Message here, ok. :)

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    oddrun eikli - 2019/09/14 06:25:55

    I am listening again this beautiful Hymn, so wonderful pure...

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    Anomon - 2019/04/22 20:37:48

    @john-palmer: I'll send you a FB friend request and you'll see why i love the Heavens so much. I'm a Space nut, too! LOL :)

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    Anomon - 2019/04/22 20:36:33

    @john-palmer: Hey man, i love it! We're connecting in the Music. Thanks so much for your Deep Listening and inJOYment. Cheers, and Best Wishes, always, John! :)

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    John Palmer - 2019/04/22 20:24:12

    loving those distant strings ...and the gorgeous piano melodies...beautiful piece !

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    John Palmer - 2019/04/22 20:20:19

    a wondrous start!!

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    Anomon - 2019/04/03 03:32:46

    @benny_braun: I Love how you Listen, Man! Thanks for hearing with your Heart. Always the Best Way! <3

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    Benny Braun - 2019/04/02 11:10:53

    .. still love this one so much... think my favourite position is the chordchange on 1:15.. goes straight in my heart :-)

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    Anomon - 2019/03/24 20:45:43

    @robin-benjamins: Thanks, and Great to hear from you Robin! :) Cheers!

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    B L U N T • F O R C E • S E R E N I T Y - 2019/03/24 13:57:32

    Very beautiful played and produced.

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    Anomon - 2019/03/17 08:20:32

    @maquinik: Bless your Ears! :))

  • pikabob photo avatar
    Anomon - 2019/03/17 08:19:17

    @maquinik: t'is my deep pleasure. :D My Listeners are at the very least, Half of the musical equation!!! :D All the very Best to and through you, my friends! Cheers! :D

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    XRC Maquinik ® - 2019/03/16 22:49:06

    Thank you for sharing your talent with us all



Within these notes and phrases from within i send aloft these heartfelt Tones to The Heavens, and Beyond... to sail these ancient starry seas and proclaim to all my child-like Wonder and my Awe. an Homage... to LIFE! and to this Awesome Universe in which we dwell Now, and perhaps forever more ! ℗ Gary Courtland-Miles December 2018 © Gary Courtland-Miles 2019

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