Indigolab & Didjelirium - Black Moon.

Indigolab & Didjelirium - Black Moon

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  • pikabob photo avatar
    V.A The M.A.N - 2015/08/05 22:02:03

    Shits hard

  • pikabob photo avatar
    deep man - 2014/08/19 12:57:25

    super collab++

  • pikabob photo avatar
    SpaceSlab GO! - 2014/07/09 23:57:52

    This vocal layering is amazing. Adds such a depth. Boom!

  • pikabob photo avatar
    Phlegm - 2014/07/09 10:16:15

    Dope intro.

  • pikabob photo avatar
    Didjelirium - 2014/07/08 19:48:08

    @new-dinosaur-extinction: Thanks a lot for coming around those foolish shores and even more for appreciating what you heard ! :)

  • pikabob photo avatar
    Didjelirium - 2014/07/08 19:46:58

    @greendizer: Merci bien l'ami ! Toujours ravi de ton soutien continu et tu sais bien que je suis toujours partant pour plus d'échanges musicaux avec les bonnes âmes de Soundcloud ! Tom a un bon univers bien chargé d'histoires et du coup ca fait déjà 50% du boulot tout fait pour que je puisse m'amuser à écrire. On prépare la suite de tout ca, garde une oreille par ici ! Merci encore et à bientôt sur les ondes ! ;)

  • pikabob photo avatar
    New Dinosaur Extinction - 2014/07/08 11:09:48

    quality track sirs :-) aces all over

  • pikabob photo avatar
    Edouard Trolliet - 2014/07/08 07:35:23

    super collab avec Tom ! vos deux univers se mélangent parfaitement ! beau boulot :))))



From the combined forces of Indigolab and Didjelirium, a tale of anticipation for the modern humans and their modern world... Thanks for listening. ------------------------ Lyrics : VERSE 1 : The world is a dark place and it's filled with a black terror Our reflection's like a shadow floating on a black mirror Tainted by the wishes for greatness, we think less Just read the message on the wall and witness the weakness Peace is a white flag for black thoughts and our fate Seems to be to mess around while dreaming of a clean slate And slaving our lives for the faster master Who excels at making one counts one's happiness on one's blisters So I'm backing off the pollen I gave up on sweetness cos i'm blacking out too often When i analyze this nonsense It's bogus that all of us are trapped in a Rothschild circus Moving along our rods like pearls of an abacus We exhibit little bits, tiny bits, nano bits of consideration for the influence of the Malefic, prolific, unethical violation of Man but soon All your poly-tricks, will go boom... CHORUS : Soon, soon Your world will go "boom" Say bye to the light and welcome to the dark room Soon, soon, Your world will go "boom" Discreet like a lonely tear on a black moon (Bis) VERSE 2 : We suffer til the end defending an illusion of freedom We sold to the fake market our spirituality and wisdom But we are so proud of ourselves by the time the commercials come We no longer regret our lives spent inna this modern serfdom. We go buying all dem things we don't need Just to feed our ego and its never-ending greed Never trying to live more and need less Simply breathe in & out and define your own happiness Well, you've been living so long Following fake models Singing the choir song About the 'good adults' Those who are ecstatic About a new Costco So much they would like to make it Registered with the UNESCO Those who are swallowing The fairy tales of today It's the same beginning : Once upon a time at the C.I.A. Always the same ending : Wings whiter than their skin To them we gonna sing : CHORUS : Soon, soon Your world will go "boom" Say bye to the light and welcome to the dark room Soon, soon, Your world will go "boom" Discreet like a lonely tear on a black moon (Bis) VERSE 3 : Yes ! I confess, We are fighting for a terrorist implosion We gonna take all your stereotypes and all your misconceptions And blow them in back into your brain, don't worry you won't become insane It's the opposite, your mind, just open it ! Just open it ! Here's a lockpick, use it to plug the shit out of your ears If you go deep enough you might be able to drag out the fears That were put down there by the medias We're coming with a truthful bomb so are you ready, ya?! Lemme tell them now When the people will wake up we won't be needing no more bomb, no ! The only thing we'll blow up is some good green sativa No more racism, no more pre-conceived dumb ideas, With truthfulness and opened mind, i tell ya We'll blow it all The conspiracy theorists, the conspirators and the mister Know-it-all The goody ol' religious man busy kneeling in front of the glory hole And your lust for numbers Won't mean a thing when the black moon's over the white rivers, Soon... --------------------------------------------------------------

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