Timmo Hendriks & Loax - INVASION (RoyalKidd Remix)**SUPPORTED BY Olly James,Drop....

Timmo Hendriks & Loax - INVASION (RoyalKidd Remix)**SUPPORTED BY Olly James,Drop Department,SaberZ

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Hello!This is my submission for the Remix Contest by Timmo Hendriks and LoaX track ''INVASION'' was awesome to remix this HUGE track!! Please if you like it press the like[❤ LIKE] button or repost[↻ REPOST] or give a feedback to the comments...thank you <3 Message me on Facebook if you want to download the remix... @junglerecordsmusic -RoyalKidd Supported by: SaberZ : great job! - - - Olly James : nice drop man! love the electro syab, think a kick with a longer release would work better! could use some variation tho the melody gets a little repetitive! - - - Rudy Zensky : Pretty nice groove you got going there, keep it up - - - Drop Department - - - Owen Norton : damn this is heavy, sounds cool - - - SAG : BIG Remix dude! Love the sound! - - - JAIVARO : Holy shit ! supported ! Wish all the best to win ! - - -

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