Lea feat. Didjelirium - FEATHER.

Lea feat. Didjelirium - FEATHER

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    Didjelirium - 2018/06/29 22:28:35

    @dashforjoe: Thanks a lot for taking the time to listen and even more to appreciate this piece ! :) Glad the vibes is shared ! Keep up the good work on your side of the world, mate ! Bless !

  • pikabob photo avatar
    Dash Forjoe (Dash The Baptist) - 2018/06/24 20:56:34

    great musicality to this, feeling this a lot..



MUSIC VIDEO AVAILABLE HERE : A somber story about one of those relationships where love becomes so oppressive, it gets hard to live apart yet impossible to live together. Because, though Love is supposed to be a feather, it sometimes weighs so much on us it keeps dragging us down. A hard lesson to be learnt for all the lovers out there... Music : Docco Music-Off (Docco Produson) / Mix : Laurent Longubardo / Master : Benjamin Joubert / Recorded at Blackstone Productions Tahiti studio / Music video by Blackstone Productions / Makeup : Jad'Art & Christopher Prenat / Thanks to Le Méridien Tahiti.

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