Legendary Monkey Pimps(L.B.O.B/M.T.G)DJB_251/NotEZBeinEZ/Global E.

Legendary Monkey Pimps(L.B.O.B/M.T.G)DJB_251/NotEZBeinEZ/Global E

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  • pikabob photo avatar
    Adeptus Magus - 2017/02/18 04:26:18

    whats up man ...

  • pikabob photo avatar
    T.K.-421 - 2015/09/07 15:06:52

    filthy mix homie

  • pikabob photo avatar
    TonyT Breakz - 2015/07/24 01:34:41

    OK, now you've lost me.

  • pikabob photo avatar
    RREADYSPUN - 2015/07/24 01:33:39


  • pikabob photo avatar
    ExPlay - 2015/03/27 05:04:41

    Pretty Dope Fellers! breakz ballin

  • pikabob photo avatar
    Theresaupton - 2015/03/26 15:06:54


  • pikabob photo avatar
    Slick E - 2015/03/26 05:52:25

    Twerk & Werk it :^)

  • pikabob photo avatar
    ((Shart Alec)) - 2015/03/25 19:37:05

    ...go and get all durdy

  • pikabob photo avatar
    ((Shart Alec)) - 2015/03/25 19:21:09

    I am impressed DJB!! (I shouldnt be, you rock but... unailed this one)

  • pikabob photo avatar
    ((Shart Alec)) - 2015/03/25 19:19:24

    @oncue-records: Killa!

  • pikabob photo avatar
    ((Shart Alec)) - 2015/03/25 19:12:36

    Nice panning ramp

  • pikabob photo avatar
    ((Shart Alec)) - 2015/03/25 19:08:42

    Bout to pimp this righ here...

  • pikabob photo avatar
    L.B.O.B. - 2015/03/25 13:43:45

    @thebeatwobbler: EZ killin em' EZ & slaying the beat so easy!!!

  • pikabob photo avatar
    L.B.O.B. - 2015/03/25 13:42:54

    @oncue-records: BOO YOW killa killa thank you OnCue 4 all ya do!!!

  • pikabob photo avatar
    L.B.O.B. - 2015/03/25 13:42:04

    @djb_251: Bryan dropped that ill nasty flow fosho :)

  • pikabob photo avatar
    L.B.O.B. - 2015/03/25 13:41:21

    @thebeatwobbler: yessir amigo massive thanks homie

  • pikabob photo avatar
    Global -E - 2015/03/25 13:29:36

    EZ the serial breakbeat killa Gorilla, great set brotha!!

  • pikabob photo avatar
    Global -E - 2015/03/25 13:13:50

    My big homie B going da fuk off indeed!!

  • pikabob photo avatar
    Da Beat Wobbler - 2015/03/25 12:02:33


  • pikabob photo avatar
    Da Beat Wobbler - 2015/03/25 12:02:15




We BE SOME JUNKIES for the BEAT DAT IS, MONKEYS GETTIN FUNKY with the PIMP RIGHT BIZ starring in order DJB_251, NotEZBeinEZ, and Global E and in no particular order the head, the torso, the arms the legs we each play a part, form like Voltron different part different day a different week..get that cake a beat for the freak, some sun for the bleak & 1 phenomenal way 2 jump off tha week. Pimpin Like some Monkey Bass Slappin Pimps blending with the synth's chilling with the chimps, walking with a limp cause we ripping off the hip, moving with the flips, da beats by the zips! we be making da moves, without any trips, all we bout 2 do is leave it on the mix move yo freakin ASS & SHAKE Ya FREAKIN HIPS now can I get a BOOM & a jump off DROP, confetti for the party steady for the gwap! also BIG UPS 2 the producers who serve us, DA BASS fo THE grind, release for the mind. 2 keep it 100, expect no less, Heat from the LEGENDS FRESH with the SESH sometimes I do the talkin but we about 2 show you, we appreciate the fans & were grateful 2 know you!! live like a LEGEND, PIMP SLAPPIN LIFE forget all the DRAMA kill ALL the STRIFE DJB_251 Tracklist: Johnny Dangerously - Freak That Body, Dat Booty DJ Volume, Huda Hudia, Tommy Who, The Hotheadz - Freak Style Deekline - Sound Of Music (Deekline Bass Mix) DJ Hero - Just Blow The Juice Squad vs. Calvin Harris vs. the 90's vs. Shiny Toy Guns - Acceptable in the 90's (Mr. Roboto Rub) NWA - Chin Check (FTW Booty Mix) The Juice Squad vs. JJ Fad, Rob Base & DJ E Z Rock, Sir Mix-A-Lot, L'Trimm, House of Pain - Supersonic House of Big Butt Rockin Boom DJ Icey - On Da Grind (Original Mix) Dog Blood - Chella Ride [Boysnoize] Mutantbreakz - Genesis Dirty Kicks, Wes Smith, The Juice Squad & Friends - Way Up Run DMT vs. Wes Smith - Bass Drum & Break The Panic (DJB_251 Mashup) NotEZBeinEZ Tracklist: 1.Cliff Head - #1 Thug It Out - TT the Artist x Mighty Mark (C T H Booty Rub) 2.MARTEN HØRGER - OH GIRL (Beatslappaz Remix) 1 3.Henry Fong Mashup - 3 Percent Kush (DJ Icey ReRub Edit) 4.Lo IQ Feat. Johnny Dangerously - The Invincisible Wild Style (2013 Revamp) 5.Doors - Roadhouse Blues (Original Dub) 6.Agent K, Bebe -Tell Me -(Original Mix) 7.Milky Chance - Stolen Dance (Zera & Uno-Y ReDub) 8.Vitamin E - Move Yo Butt(808RMX) 9.Josh Chambers - What's That Sound (Original Mix) 10.Meager Means - How_It_Goes_Down_(Breaks_Mix) 11.Wes Smith-Swag Out (Original Mix) 12.DVJ ENTICE - Run With Me 13.Dj Killer, MC Kyla-Freak- (Breaksmafia Remix) Global E Tracklist: 1.The Horn (Original Mix) Deibeat 2.GIRLS 3.TC-Get-Down-Low-Joe-C-Remix 4.Ghetto Slang (Alt-A Rmx) Joe C 5. Real Club Sound (Original Mix) The Flea 6. 1 two 3 Four - Dj Chaos (Tweezy Booty Breaks Remix) 7. Kiwa-FlashForward(BlacklistRemix)MSTR 8. Xtreme Project - My lady funky 9. Get a Rush On (Original Mix) Alt-A 10.Heart (Original Mix) Deenk 11.Yeska (Dj Sharted & Dj Chronic Get Funk'd Remix) Bass Station

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