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available for purchase here: The two have escaped, and are hiding in a secret safe place outside of the domain of both humans and robots, as far away from the World's central volcano as possible. Everything seems to quiet down again, until a few days later. The Local is climbing a tree and sees huge amounts of smoke coming from the robot cities. He warns the Vagrant, who is distressed by the news, but the two decide they should stay away from civilization. Days pass. The smoke comes from both robot and human territories now, and hasn't been ebbed. The Local and the Vagrant decide to go back to investigate. A miniature war has broken out. There is no real battlefield, but bands of humans and robots have been attacking and tearing down each other's cities for several days. The number of casualties is already alarmingly high. The Local and Vagrant discover that both sides thought the other had released the human and robot from their prison, and over a short time the sparks of this disagreement were fanned into a bonfire. The Vagrant and Local frantically search about. They need to find a way to show both sides that neither is the cause for the war, and put a stop to it. After hours of searching and dodging the projectiles from the fighters, they finally find the robots' leader fighting the humans' leader at the top of the huge volcano that separates the realms. The Vagrant and Local run to their respective leaders, begging them to stop fighting, and explaining how the whole war was their own fault. No one will listen to them; all the fighters are too caught up in the war. The Vagrant and Local pull back to the edge of the volcano's peak to regroup. Suddenly, a stray robot projectile flies unexpectedly toward the two trying to make peace. The Vagrant falls.

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