Matan Caspi - Aim To The Moon (Original Mix) - Bonzai Progressive.

Matan Caspi - Aim To The Moon (Original Mix) - Bonzai Progressive

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    onemangroove - 2015/08/08 20:41:14

    Nice Nice Nice. ...... :)



Aim To The Moon sets us off with a wonderful energetic vibe that can be felt straight away. Big punchy kicks and an upbeat percussion section makes for a cool driving rhythmic flow and takes us up to the star of the show, the bassline. The bassline sits in the perfect spot within the sound, its lush tones will draw you in and hold you for the duration forcing you to move your body. Smooth textured layers bring out cool synth licks and on the break we are treated to a fantastic pad sequence before getting right back into the mix. A truly progressive groove here that will be a top pick among many for sure.

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