MINUSmin36 : Whyt Noyz - Heart Strings (Original Mix).

MINUSmin36 : Whyt Noyz - Heart Strings (Original Mix)

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Buy Links: Heart Strings EP on Beatport "As you may or may not know WHYT NOYZ is now a solo project driven by me. The Heart Strings EP got it's name from this unique transition between two life-long friends. Just like music, life is constantly evolving. Doors close while windows open and it is up to us to recognise this and not let opportunities pass us by. The four tracks on this EP are more of what you expect from WHYT NOYZ. Heart Strings is the kind of track that not only gains love from discerning Underground Techno-heads but also grabs a lot of outsider attention. Bounc3 and Elastic always gets the party started and Fairground tends to put people in a frenzy state, it's pretty addictive! I hope everyone enjoys listening to the EP as much as I do playing it!" "I dedicate this EP to my musical brother Duncan" - David, WHYT NOYZ Delivered by Label Worx on behalf of Minus

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