Nobody Knows (Prod By Go Grizzly)[ENGLISH].

Nobody Knows (Prod By Go Grizzly)[ENGLISH]

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Produced By Go Grizzly Rap by Gom-Hyung it's all sad everyone dead mad causing the awakening of the death messiah raising the fire overloaded feeling greed- internationally creates new breed out of the earth out of the dirt stitches all over the shirt SO ! forgiving nah it's about deceiving smartly receiving good evening to the suckers! you thought you good around your hood but you're a killer good afternoon killer croc, killer bee trying to be what you're not life's full of pain hard to find any lights around these nights Good night night have a night couldn't find it? get a knife cut through the open door, move the fire to the core answers founded you happy now? by the dark you've rounded raped by the darkness inside you beside you lay the corps of the goddess looking at something your past never forgiven born as a sinner there was never a winner everyday's a winter we're all sad sad creatures

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