Eastern Promise EP - NVR007: Preview Mix [OUT NOW!!!].

Eastern Promise EP - NVR007: Preview Mix [OUT NOW!!!]

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    riclkpereira - 2017/02/28 03:05:27


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    riclkpereira - 2017/02/28 03:03:22


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    Markéta Poštolková - 2015/06/28 22:10:58


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    Mikalao - 2013/07/28 16:16:24

    sick mix

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    Greg Cooke - 2013/04/05 14:28:51


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    Greg Cooke - 2013/04/05 14:26:59

    Love this

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    y - 2013/04/03 12:44:31

    go!go!go! )))

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    Secret Soundcloud - 2013/03/25 22:44:01

    Wicked sounds - love the concept of the preview mix :D

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    emphonic - 2013/02/27 20:22:14

    Felt in love with this one! great job!

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    Nu Venture Records - 2013/02/23 19:18:43

    @delpurr: Thanks man, we have received the news from Eraser

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    SONZ OF THE LION - 2013/02/23 18:03:18

    like this cut parts!

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    SONZ OF THE LION - 2013/02/23 18:02:48

    favd tune! :D

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    SONZ OF THE LION - 2013/02/23 18:02:32

    & my links ?? ;D

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    Provote - 2013/02/20 15:53:41


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    Shyrren5 - 2013/02/18 20:11:18


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    Queenie dnb - 2013/02/18 19:58:04


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    LoHi Stereo - 2013/02/18 16:09:02

    sick tune!!! big up Chris & NVR Family!!!

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    Macro Chill - 2013/02/15 11:50:48


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    Unyfied Soul - 2013/02/14 23:14:42

    Great feeling throughout the whole EP ; )

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    Unyfied Soul - 2013/02/14 23:14:20

    NICE : ) Again a bit more spacey! ; )



► Eastern Promise EP [NVR007: Preview Mix: OUT NOW!!!] < ● Sigurt | Hyperion Vision | Emphonic | Eye Depth ● NVR007: Eastern Promise EP is OUT NOW and available to purchase from all good download stores including; Beatport, iTunes, TrackItDown, Juno, Amazon, Bandcamp & more. ► Buy Links: [Bandcamp] (£4.29) [Beatport] (£7.80) [iTunes] (£4.99) [Juno] (£5.29) [TrackitDown] (£7.49) ► Track Listing for > Eastern Promise EP - NVR007: Preview Mix: 1) [00:00 - 02.52] Sigurt - You & I 2) [02:53 - 05.02] Hyperion Vision - RC Project 3) [05:03 - 07.12] Hyperion Vision - One Day 4) [07:13 - 11.08] Emphonic - Deep Vibes 5) [11:09 - 13.08] Emphonic Feat. Lusiula - Morning Star 6) [13:09 - 15.16] Eye Depth - I Love You After a series of successful individual artist EPs and singles, comes the first Various Artist EP from Nu Venture Records. NVR007: the Eastern Promise EP consists of 6 Drum & Bass tracks composed by producers representing Eastern Europe; Russia, Czech Republic, Slovakia & Latvia. With the frequent emergence of some impressive producers from this region Nu Venture records have compiled a selection of their finest upcoming producers. The EP covers an assortment of Drum & Bass and Liquid styles, from the smooth upbeat vibes of Hyperion Vision, to the heavy vocal track You and I from the experienced Sigurt. Emphonic brings some deep, melodic and ambient sounds whilst Eye Depth adds his warm and expansive track I Love You, to complete the EP. ► Sigurt Biography: Sigurt has long been considered Slovakia`s rising secret in the world of Drum & Bass. Peter, aka Sigurt, started producing Drum & Bass in early 2007 and has a vast musical understanding which long proceeds this date. He began to express his natural talent during his teenage years through playing guitar in an amateur Rock group. Always open to new methods and styles he encountered his first experience with Electronic music. This ultimately led to the discovery of Drum & Bass for Sigurt. It was the intricate structures, the fast tempo and heavy bass lines that helped encourage him to pursue developing his production skills. In just a short few years Sigurt has elevated his abilities as a Drum and Bass Artist and has released a number of tracks on labels including; Urban Chemistry Recordings and Liquid Brilliants. ► Hyperion Vision Biography: Hyperion Vision, hailing from Moscow Russia, is a Producer with a decade long passion for Drum & Bass. It was influential producers of the era such as; John B, Blu Mar Ten and Seba that led him to making his own tracks. Once he reached the high standards he is at today he has begun to create bright and melodic tracks, building upon each success. Always looking for new ways to take his work to the next level you will often find him experimenting with different sounds and collaborating with like minded artists. Which can be seen in his previous releases on labels such as Liquid Tones, Liquid Brilliants, Silk Recordings and DLA Black. ► Emphonic Biography: Emphonic is a Czech born DJ and Producer, currently residing in Belgium, who has been involved in the music production scene since 2004. With years of experience behind his keyboard, various synth creations and a dedication to sound engineering, he is currently exploring his creative limits crossing the boundaries into other genres. His productions of late have begun to identify his true sound, taking him in the direction of slower tempos and ambient melodies. He has successfully participated in a number of remix competitions, with Blu Mar Ten paying particular interest to his entry in to the All or Nothing competition. This inevitably led to his tracks being released on various labels and Drum & Bass compilations. ► Eye Depth Biography: Nauris Soltums, or as he is better known by his artist alias Eye Depth, is an electronic music producer from Riga, Latvia. It wasn’t until late 2008 when influenced by big House artists such as Axwell and Dirty South he started to experiment with alternative producing software. Eventually progressing from FL Studio to Ableton, his choice today. With a lack of inspiring House tracks Eye Depth’s attention turned to Hip Hop. It was almost fate that he came across Breaks / Drum & Bass, when all it took was for him to accidentally increase the BPM on what was intended to be a 85 BPM Hip Hop loop. From here he is now studying as a Music Technician to perfect his techniques, which has already helped result in a string of releases. ► Nu Venture Records Back Catologue: - NVR006: Nu Venture Records 2012 - Compilation: - NVR005: LoHi Stereo - Moods EP: - NVR004: Salaryman - Your Own Story EP: - NVR003: Amphix - Blurred Vision EP: - NVR002: Three20 - I Can't Stand It EP: - NVR001: Macca - Love Is Tender / Remix: ► Follow Nu Venture Records here: -

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