Original Fools - God of Roar ---> MUSIC VIDEO LINK in TRACK DESCRIPTION.

Original Fools - God of Roar ---> MUSIC VIDEO LINK in TRACK DESCRIPTION

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    ElKadaBert - 2013/01/08 11:48:51

    This sound is really good!!!!! nice work dude

  • pikabob photo avatar
    Playn Forkeeps - 2013/01/04 07:26:53

    DIS IS DOPE !!!

  • pikabob photo avatar
    Didjelirium - 2012/11/30 16:55:04

    @lost-socrates-spirit: :) Thanks a lot et merci beaucoup. Content que le son tourne et que les vibes se transmettent comme il faut ! ;)

  • pikabob photo avatar
    Lost Socrates Spirit - 2012/11/30 11:12:16

    waoohh!!i love that this is a great sound!!!

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    The Famous Bicycle Ride - 2012/07/18 05:29:57

    awesome work, great music and lyrics

  • pikabob photo avatar
    Didjelirium - 2012/06/22 21:53:30

    Music video for God of Roar available online :

  • pikabob photo avatar
    Didjelirium - 2012/06/07 12:24:37

    @cinco54quatro: Yes bwoy ! Thanks a lot for the comment which seemed to have passed by my vigilance hey hey !

  • pikabob photo avatar
    Didjelirium - 2012/06/07 12:23:48

    @spaceslab-go: Never answered by comment - though you know i did answer - but reading that comment again made me smile and for that I thank you, in these times of ours, you know how a smile is valuable ! ;) Keep the comm unit on, you never know when the waves my reach out... Bless ! ;)

  • pikabob photo avatar
    Didjelirium - 2012/06/07 10:39:15

    @stizreth: hey hey ! Thanks a lot mate ! Glad you're still popping around these distant shores ! Keep rocking on your side as well ! Bless !

  • pikabob photo avatar
    Stizreth - 2012/06/07 02:51:23

    wicked bro

  • pikabob photo avatar
    cinc5'4uatro - 2012/04/05 03:08:13

    Well done bro !

  • pikabob photo avatar
    SpaceSlab GO! - 2012/03/30 09:53:53

    Great stuff, Shapeshifter. Very nice production. Very lush sounds. Love the strings. Must dig out my erhu(?) I bought in Beijing a couple of years ago. Was just out cruising in local space. I like you storytelling lyrics, my favourite kind of lyrics. Thanks for connecting. Frequencies for communication is saved in my comm unit.

  • pikabob photo avatar
    Noby One : None The Wise - 2012/03/29 07:01:32

    I'm enjoying these stylings... continue.

  • pikabob photo avatar
    Didjelirium - 2012/02/25 07:32:20

    @scoutdarkze: Thanks a lot for the comment mate, and keep up with the good work yourself, we all need to push the good vibes out there and change the world as much as we can, underground and above ! ;)

  • pikabob photo avatar
    Scout-Underground - 2012/02/23 23:16:52

    good job , we make different music but anyway I respect good work when i hear it, greetings from Scout

  • pikabob photo avatar
    Flower Knight - 2012/02/19 16:34:04


  • pikabob photo avatar
    Didjelirium - 2012/02/12 17:44:49

    @teaganbear: hey hey nuff thanks ! Surely appreciate to spread some sweetness around too :)

  • pikabob photo avatar
    Didjelirium - 2012/02/12 17:44:29

    @spacemunkey009: Thanks a lot for the comment, surely appreciate that. And yeah... what a bassline ! Glad you like it too ! :)

  • pikabob photo avatar
    Teaganbear - 2012/02/12 01:18:07

    This is fucking sweeeeeeeeeet <3

  • pikabob photo avatar
    cloats - 2012/01/13 23:23:21

    plss listen to my mix



MUSIC VIDEO AVAILABLE ! CLICK THE 'TRACK VIDEO' BUTTON ABOVE ! or here : -------------------- God of Roar - LYRICS VERSE 1 : I was chilling one sunny day on the shore of my river Thinking about what Plato's said last night on his twitter "It's all these lil things in life that makes a husband leaves his wife While she's facing him with a knife and screaming : Yaaah ! Deceiver !" That's when i saw him waving at me and i thought : oh shit ! Another foolish one who came to the wrong place of worship Go away, Go away ! i can see you're not a vibration You're not resonating on the right tone for you to be in my jurisdiction But he's there, he's looking at me and he doesn't seem to be willing to move He's crying with his head in his hands and tries me with arguments But i don't know what he's trying to prove so i decide to listen anyway No chilling on a sunny day CHORUS : Once upon a time, a lonely god came to me And he sat down : "Oh please…what am i gonna do ? If i do something they'll keep asking me for help But if i don't They'll stop believing i'm true My mom gave me Earth but all i wanted was the Sun So right now I so wish i was you You're the god of roar and your kingdom is sound, Just sound, So please, scream at them too ! " VERSE 2 : So i was like, 'Alright !' i haven't been away anyway for a while Let me sort out a few details and pack a few stuff i might need for the ride And i'm in, i'm curious to see those pious things you call 'humans' I wonder, if i scream at them, will i feel any resonance ? Running through my things i grab the trumpets of Jericho My own homemade microphone and a few books of Fermi Enrico, A kalashnikov made of the purest diamond you ever laid your eyes upon, Shooting rubies and pearls cos yes, it's the most beautiful weapon ! Don't you worry, my divine friend ! I got your back and i'm ready to go Though the grass is green it doesn't necessarily means that it's ready to grow The fool only see the bad cos he ignore the reason behind everything And, as a god, when you do good, from down, well... it seems you've done nothing.

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